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"About two months ago, we decided to hire a personal fitness trainer and came across My Home Personal Trainer online. We are both in our early forties and were quite concerned about starting this type of fitness program at this point in our lives - but we really wanted to get in shape and feel better.

Rob, The Head Fitness Expert, chatted with us and really took the time to get to know our personal fitness goals and challenges. We immediately decided to sign up (and what an awesome price I might add). Rob seemed to have all the right answers and understood exactly what we were looking for. He didn't try and push anything we didn't want, but did discuss the benefits of My Home Personal Trainer and the exact fitness plan that he was going to design for us.

The workouts have been outstanding (tiring as anything but great). As promised, we work out for 45 minutes - that's it! When we are done, we are exhausted. The personal fitness programs combine a high intensity resistance training program as well as high intensity interval cardio training and they are both what we needed.

Sue and I have already lost weight, added muscle, and, most importantly, feel better.

We highly recommend My Home Personal Trainer, Rob the Head Fitness Expert, and their unique approach to personal fitness training and are very happy they are here to help us get into shape."
Sue Picture

Mike Picture

"You guys really helped. I am by no means perfect yet but there is such a big big difference. My energy level is right up there, even people who have never met me before mention it! I really am looking forward to turning 50, I love working out now. I can get out of a low chair without using my hands on my legs or the arm of a chair to aid me. I am wearing skirts again....and low rise jeans!

When I teach group exercise classes (which always make me go one step further....I am such a show off!) I can stay in a plank position for almost 2 minutes....sumo squat for 5 minutes while doing bicep work or class hates me!

Being healthy really does effect your whole life. Healthy body healthy mind..."
Nancy Picture

"This is definitely the best fitness site I have seen. It gives me the closest thing to a personal trainer all the time and at much less of a cost. I'm adding muscle by the day. Good job guys." Mike Picture

"I love My Home Personal Trainer and the help I got from Rob their Head Fitness Expert. After being on the on-line H.U.R.T.- High Intensity Interval Resistance Training plan (and it's called that for a good reason) for about 3 months, the results are awesome!! Everyone sees the improvement and compliments me on my "new" fitness body all the time.

I would totally recommend Rob and the My Home Personal Trainer site and Online Personal Fitness Plans without hesitation.

Thanks for everything!!"
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"I hit a plateau with my workout routine and was losing motivation until a friend of mine recommended My Home Personal Trainer. After just a few weeks, my energy levels went up again and I was excited about working out again. I'm so glad I found My Home Personal Trainer when I did. Thank you!" Joanna Picture

"I used your program for the last few weeks and I can feel the difference. Its the first time in months that I've made some progress and went up in weight...and to think I was just days away from giving up. Thanks so much." Scott Picture

"I love that I can track my workouts and record what I eat. At the end of the day I know how my calories balanced out. If I'm a little under for a few days then I even allow myself to cheat a little :-)" Julie Picture

"My Home Personal Trainer is a comprehensive program that advocates a lifestyle change that most individuals could benefit from. By offering in-depth, adjustable exercise and nutritional programs, My Home Personal Trainer provides anyone, from overweight individuals to athletes, with a systematic approach to beginning and maintaining a healthier way of life. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their health and overall well-being." Matt Picture

"This program is real easy to use. I set my goals and know that I need to set up a certain amount of workouts for the week and eat a certain amount of calories during the day. Following and tracking this simple idea has gotten me to the weight I want." Amy Picture

"Your program has been real useful to me in my sports conditioning and strength. I play recreational sports and I wanted to get a little stronger to get an edge on my game. I am really happy with my results, and I must say being noticably better than I was is pretty rewarding." Tim Picture

"Since signing up I have lost 2 dress sizes. This is an easy program to fit into my normal lifestyle and tracking my workouts and diet is straightforward. Keeps me motivated and wanting to get to the weight goal I set when I started. Keep up the good work!" Ela Picture

"At first,'I started out simple by only tracking my workouts, but with the help of the easy to follow tutorials, it wasn't long before I was getting diet advice and tracking my meals and weight loss as well! My Home Personal Trainer has been critical in allowing me to meet my weight and strength goals. I love it!" Allan Picture

"After having a baby I wanted to get back to where I was. My Home Personal Trainer was the perfect motivational tool I needed. Seeing my upcoming workouts that I scheduled and having them emailed each morning is a big difference. It is also nice to see my progress reports with how my weight is going down." Danielle Picture

"I've worked out on and off for years. This program helped give me the consistency I needed. Having it available all the time makes a difference. Plus I use my Palm Pilot regularly and syncing my workouts makes it easy to take to the gym. Plus it's pretty cool to have when people ask you about it at the gym." Danielle Picture

"I was skeptical at first, but decided to do the trial. I haven't stopped yet and neither has my weight loss. It's a breeze to schedule my workouts. I'm almost at the weight I want to be and when I get there my next goal is to get some ripped abs. Great product!" Clea Picture

"Thanks for a great nutrition section. Counting calories is easy especially when I use my Palm. Suddenly the weight is coming off!" Tilo Picture

"What a great product you guys have! I've been in need of some assistance in creating workout programs and now I have it. I've been changing up workouts and seeing definite results." Steve Picture

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