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  "My Home Personal Trainer is the Ultimate Online Personal Fitness and Health Club with your very own Online Personal Fitness Coach. Get ready for a life-long road to health and fitness!"  
You are Just a Few Short Clicks Away from:
Your very own Customized Weight Loss Program
Awesome Strength Training ideas and tips
Workouts that are designed for all fitness levels
Creative Personal Fitness and Health Programs tailored to your personal goals
Expert fitness advice on all our exercise and sports specific programs
Customized Exercise instruction
Increased stamina and overall energy level

We support a sound and proven method that will provide you a complete weight-loss, fitness, and nutrition program that works. Your Online Home Personal Fitness Trainer and Weight Loss Coach will help you during each phase of your transformation, providing you support and motivation while teaching you how to lose weight, build muscle and lose fat in a healthy way.

Our Personal Fitness Plans provide you with unparalleled one-on-one support through email, message boards, chat rooms and unlimited information.

We provide you with the Ultimate Weight Loss and Personal Fitness Solution that will inspire you to change your lifestyle and reach your body's fitness potential.

You have nothing to LOSE but...The WEIGHT! Don't Wait another Day to get back to better Fitness and Health.

Your Complete Online Personal Fitness Training Solution introduces an affordable fitness plan for YOU!

What do you Get from My Home Personal Trainer?
Ability to create or choose your own Personal Fitness Training Plan using our exclusive Virtual Personal Fitness Trainer Program or have one of our Personal Fitness Trainers create a Personal Fitness Training program specifically designed for you. It's your choice!

On-going access to your personal fitness training and health information, personal fitness training schedule, and personal fitness body goals.

Access to your Personal Fitness Training Workouts with well over 1000 enhanced images and videos of fitness training exercises and workout training activities, showing correct exercise form and technique.

Daily food diary with over 7000 foods that include nutritional information, such as calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Tools to balance daily calories, analyze your fitness level, calculate your BMI and fat %, recommend calorie intake and much more!

Mobile access to track/add workouts, food diary, measurements, and notes. How to get it? Simple. Just go to using a mobile device such as a smartphone, and you will be prompted to login to the Mobile Web App version. Doesn't get any easier than that!

Access to a Shopping List Generator for your Healthy Meal Plans.

Personal Fitness Training Progress Reports with both text and graphs to keep you on track with your Personal Fitness Training Plan.

Access to a Personal Fitness Training Community to share your personal fitness ideas and Get Fitness Training and Exercise Advice.

Connect with your mobile device to track you self-paced Personal Fitness Training workouts as well as your daily food intake.

Create your own healthy meal plans that are complete and balanced in nutrition.

Ability to request time with one of our Personal Fitness Trainers, and get your Personal Fitness Training, Healthy Eating, and Nutrition Meal Plan questions answered via our Personal Fitness phone coaching or Ask your Personal Fitness Trainer via email.

Weekly Summary reports that provide each Personal Fitness Training client with weekly details of progress in diet, exercise fitness performance, and weight loss goals achieved.

Ability to upload before and after pictures so you can watch your body composition change as your personal fitness training goals are met. You can see your body Build Muscle and Burn Fat!

Automatic emails of upcoming training workouts as well as your scheduled healthy meal plan and diet needs for the day along with a daily personal fitness training tip.

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