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NAMED TOP FITNESS SITE recommended by Good Housekeeping Magazine and CBS News on the Morning Show and MoneyWatch Featured on CBS Morning Show and MoneyWatch, a top fitness and nutrition website, was recently featured as the personal training favorite pick on the CBS Early Show. The story focused on personal services that are available for budget conscious consumers. The Early Show segment, which aired on October 9th, featured personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi, who is the author of "Psych Yourself Rich".

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Torabi also featured the website in a similar article for CBS Moneywatch.

"We were excited to be chosen by CBS as a favorite money saving service," said Robert Adams, Head Trainer and Co-Founder for "With the economy in rough shape, we are really proud and excited to offer a product that provides excellent value and makes a difference in people's health."

Robert Krzyspiak, Co-Founder of, commented further. "Personal training is a great investment in one's health. With obesity rates in the US hitting record levels, it is clearly needed more than ever. But it can be expensive, and many families are not finding room in their budgets for gym memberships or personal trainers. That's where can help. Our free membership gives a workout plan suited to your specific needs and fitness level. Just answer a few simple questions about yourself, and we put it together for you. We even have pictures and videos of each exercise so that there's no guesswork." According to Krzyspiak, the website also has workouts that require little to no equipment and exercises that can be done in the workplace. provides free memberships, and also has paid membership levels that offer expanded services. The website can even help if someone is in the market for a personal trainer through their network. is a website dedicated to offering the best in personal training and fitness information, which is accessible from anywhere, at anytime. Their complete fitness solution,, reaches tens of thousands of people, making a difference in their lives and in the lives of their families. Being healthy is a human right, and is dedicated to helping people get there through fitness and nutrition. Get Fit, Stay Fit! Named Top Fitness Website by Good Housekeeping Magazine, a leading fitness, nutrition and personal training community, has been named a Top Fitness Website by Good Housekeeping Magazine. The website, which allows individuals or groups to develop tailored, personal trainer certified workout routines and nutrition programs, is being featured.

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"We are very pleased to be recognized by Good Housekeeping Magazine as a Fitness Website top pick," said Robert Adams, Head Trainer and Co-Founder at Adams, a certified personal trainer who has been in the health and nutrition industry for over 15 years, understands how individuals can get lost in the vast maze of fitness information available today.

"Good Housekeeping Magazine recognizes our commitment to making our workout routines easily accessible to everyone ' even those people who aren't so tech-savvy. Our printable workout routines are designed to be straightforward, and can even incorporate exercise pictures. We have also put a great deal of effort into the diversity of our workout options, including workouts that can be performed at the gym with equipment, or in other locations that traditionally don't have as much equipment available, such as the home or office."

"Most people need the little extra push to change their lifestyles, and that's what we offer ' some structure," said Robert Krzyspiak, Co-Founder of "We feel that it's all about options. By building so many exercise and nutrition choices into, we are offering a way for anyone to get healthy with as many or as few fitness tools as are available to them. On our site, individuals use their favorite activities to build a fitness program that's designed just for them, and hopefully one that they will enjoy and continue."

Good Housekeeping is trusted by its readership for quality product reviews and time saving tips in areas ranging from parenting advice to buying the best shampoo. With a dedicated section for fitness and nutrition, the editors clearly understand that committing to a workout program can be difficult, and that many people need some help. makes it easier for individuals of all experience levels and fitness abilities to develop and manage an exercise program for themselves, and there is personalized trainer support for those who need more direction. "The reality is that human beings need an active lifestyle, and overall nutritious diet, to maintain a healthy weight and body composition," says Adams. "That's not always in sync with today's demanding schedules. Our program can give you workout routines to help keep you fit, whether you're at the gym, in your cubicle, or just using the stairs at home." is a website dedicated to offering the best in personal training and fitness information, which is accessible from anywhere, at anytime. Being healthy is a human right, and is dedicated to helping people get there through fitness and nutrition.

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