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Build a New Fitness Body with My Home Personal Trainer - Our product will accelerate your plans to Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Lose weight, by combining a robust internet technology with sound, proven Virtual and Personal Fitness Plans to help you reach your personal fitness and health goals for life.

My Home Personal Trainer was developed using the expertise of fitness professionals in the wider health and fitness community, including personal trainers, dieticians, coaches, business consultants and more.

How We Get Results
My Home Personal Trainer offers you the tools to design your very own personal fitness training and meal planning solution to fit your busy lifestyle. While results may vary between individuals, you can expect to get motivated to conquer your fitness goals, reach your potential faster with long term fitness success, and better organize your fitness and meal plans for better results.

My Home Personal Trainer delivers your Personal Road Map to Fitness Success by providing you the tools to build your very own Fitness Training Program or have a plan designed by one of our Certified Professional Personal Fitness Trainers.

Our Philosophy And Values
In our business, one size does not fit all. We customize all our fitness plans to fit your specific fitness goals. At My Home Personal Trainer, we enjoy helping you overcome your fitness and health challenges.

Why We're Different
My Home Personal Trainer pushes the envelope with fitness training technology to provide real world personal fitness solutions that deliver to high personal expectations. Our technology is not someone else's solution with a new look. Through industry and technology expertise, combined with collaborative, customer-focused relationships, we have developed unique modules and solutions to help men and women reach their personal fitness goals.

Who We Are
My Home Personal Trainer is a team of talented fitness and business professionals dedicated to your success. We're committed to doing all we can to serve your personal fitness needs, while helping you reach and exceed all of your Life Fitness and Health Goals.